Monday, May 24, 2010

Lego Minifigure Collection

Hey Guys!  I am going to show you my Lego minifigure collection.  For those of you who don't know what a Lego minfigure is, a minifigure (a.k.a. minifig) is a Lego person.  Here are the pictures.  More minifigures coming soon
Prince Dastan

This is Prince Dastan a.k.a. The Prince of Persia

Ahsoka (Gold Armor)

The Evil Ahsoka From Prince Of Persia.

Princess Tamina

This is Princess Tamina from Prince of Persia.

Market Salesman

This is the market salesman from Prince of Persia Lego set The Fight for the Dagger
Hassansin Warrior (Ax)

This is a Hassansin Warrior from Prince of Persia.
Hassansin Warrior (Claws)

This is a Hassansin Warrior From Prince of Persia.

This is a Skeleton (Obviously).
Police Officer

This is a Police Officer from Lego City.
Delivery Boy

This is the Delivery Boy from Lego City
Business Man

This is a business man from Lego City.
City Teenager

This is a Teenager from Lego City.
City Kid

This is a City Kid.
Indiana Jones

This is Indiana Jones from Raiders of The Lost Ark.
Cairo Thug

This is a Cairo Thug from Raiders of the Lost Ark
Cairo Swordsman

This is a Cairo Swordsman from Raiders of The Lost Ark.

This is Marion from Raiders of The Lost Ark.
Imperial Officer

This is an Imperial Officer from Star Wars episodes 4-6.

These are Snowtroopers from Star Wars episode 5.
AT-AT Driver

This is an AT-AT Driver from Star Wars episodes 2-6.

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  1. Cool collection! Thanks for the great individual pictures!